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Kingdom Companies Guiding Principles

  • We will distinguish our products and services by providing excellence, innovation, and creative solutions to customer needs
  • We will develop and adhere to covenantal relationships, defined as: Doing what is in the best interest of….
    • Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Community, Shareholders

        ….in alignment with and fulfillment of our Vision.

  • We will maintain the highest levels of integrity, building our trustworthiness in the areas of leadership, stewardship, and relationships
  • We will share our financial success as God leads
  • We will honor open and honest assessment and accountability of our lives and our company
  • We will adhere to biblical standards in all our decisions and actions, submitting to Godly wise counsel when needed
  • We will provide opportunities for growth and career satisfaction to our employees while valuing their families as an important part of our leadership responsibility
  • We will provide partnership opportunities for our suppliers
  • We will provide a fair return for our shareholders
  • We will be a valued contributor to our communities
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