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About us

Our Mission:

To challenge, equip and encourage followers of Christ to impact their personal and professional arenas of influence in business as together we "seek first His Kingdom."

A movement of God can best be described as the recognition by His people, who are called by His name, that God is actively engaged in their lives. Christians in the marketplace have succumbed to the great lie, that business and careers must be separated from our faith. This great deception has left us spiritually adrift in a sea of despair. There can be no separation of career or business life and spiritual life. It is a recipe for all of the ills that plague our wealthy society, particularly in the western world. The world’s ways lead us down a path to disaster. God’s way leads us along the path to joy, peace and fulfillment of life. Nowhere is that more needed today than in the marketplace.

Kingdom Companies is one of many ministries and companies that have recognized that God has always been at work and ready to work through His people to accomplish His mission. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and these things will be added” is our rallying cry and the ultimate challenge for every Christian in the marketplace, from the CEO to the last new trainee hired. At Kingdom Companies we claim nothing exclusive; everything we have developed and are building into the lives of our members is based on biblical truth. We believe there are many other organizations, ministries and companies with a shared role in this movement and as long as we hold loosely to our role, and cling tightly to Jesus Christ, we will be used of God to help fulfill His commission and His will.

But the commitment to membership is really more of a commitment to God, to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations (peoples)”. A number of translations have better revealed, “While you are going (on about your everyday business) make disciples of all people (not just the ones that fit your ethnic or cultural background). Those people buy from us, sell to us, work for us, and we work for them. We are called to be disciple makers in every aspect and position in our lives. Kingdom Companies is simply one source to equip and encourage business owners, leaders and workers to fulfill God’s mission in the marketplace.

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