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Kingdom Companies is a movement. While there is no desire to try to squelch this movement by turning it into a ministry, we have created this site and registered as a non-profit company to be able to create connections between Kingdom leaders and share valuable resources proven to create companies that are conduits for the movement of God in the marketplace.

We have been called to be ambassadors for Christ in the arenas of influence that God places us and there is no greater need for that than in the marketplace - and there has never been a time of greater need. The old ways have not worked and the stress of the economy has impacted every business… Opening the door for God to move.

Kingdom Companies encourages followers of Christ to be the light that shines in spiritually dark places; to challenge us to seek first the Kingdom; to equip us to live lives of impact and influence; and to encourage us when the task seems too daunting. Building and operating a Kingdom Company is so much more than business as usual. It is business God’s way.

We are business owners and leaders who have seen the power of God firsthand through our leadership in business and now we want to fan the flame that God has ignited and share the purpose, passion, power, principles and practices that He has shared with us. We encourage you to become a member of Kingdom Companies but more importantly we encourage you to join in the movement of God in the marketplace, in your arena of influence.

As the former CEO of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, now Christ @ Work, Kingdom Companies founder and CEO, Alan Ross has a great history in understanding the issues facing Christian business owners and CEO’s as they seek to grow their companies amidst a sea of intense competition. While we are called to integrate our personal faith into every aspect of our lives, often the tyranny of the business gets in the way of the need for a Kingdom focus.

After years of experience in both secular and marketplace ministry engagements, we have been able to develop and deploy the transformational tools and processes needed to become a Kingdom Company. The challenge to create a strong and successful business while serving the Lord at first seems daunting but through Kingdom Companies, we have developed a process approach to the task; an approach that has been proven successful and life changing for everyone involved, especially the business owner.

Take a quick tour, look through the resource center and join the movement. Let’s fan the flames of this movement and see what God will do with our faithfulness and our obedience.

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